Vivienne | First Birthday Cake Smash | Winston Salem, NC

I had so much fun photographing sweet Vivienne celebrating her first birthday with a cake smash! She was too cute throughout the whole process. She wasn’t too sure what to think of the cake. When mom gave her some icing, she loved it, but she wasn’t quite so sure she wanted it once it was just her again. Even though it probably didn’t rank anywhere on the messiest cake smash chart, it definitely did on the cutest cake smash chart!!

Now, hopefully you’re like me and you love the movie Tangled so you get this reference. If you don’t, then you should probably stop what you’re doing and rent it! Anyway, there’s the scene where Rapunzel is newly free from her tower. She and Eugene, er, Flynn Rider, are in a meadow and she is having some internal conflict. She goes between thinking that it’s the best thing in the world that she is finally free, and then she’ll quickly flip the switch and can’t believe that she betrayed her (not actual) mother and feels so guilty. Vivienne reminded me of this scene! She would go between thinking the cake was so yummy and fun to being so so upset, and would turn around again and be so excited to have the cake.

First birthday cake smash  Pink tutu cake smash Baby girl cake smash gold glitter

If she could talk, I’m sure she’d be saying something along the lines of, “Mom, what is this stuff?”

baby draws with icing on the floor

Oooohhh… you’re supposed to draw on the floor with it!

One year old girl eating birthday cake

Gold glittery 1 cake topper girl cake smash one year old eats cake for the first time cake crumbs on the floor from a cake smash  Smiling baby girl in pink tutu cake smash baby girl pointing at camera during cake smash pink and gold  cake smash inspiration gold glittery background upset baby girl with cake on her face birthday girl with icing on her face and crown      

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