Jerome & Rita | Married | Old Fort, NC Photographer

Meet Jerome & Rita!

We moved to Winston Salem not knowing a soul, and the day after we parked our moving truck in our backyard, we saw a moving truck pulling into our next door neighbor’s driveway. We were so excited to see that it was another couple around our age! Over the past few years of being neighbors, we’ve loved getting to know them better by barbecuing with them, having fire pits, dinners, and game nights. They get bonus points because Chloe loves them!

I remember telling them when we were pregnant with Chloe and how we could tell that they were genuinely joyful for us. I had the same feeling for them when they told us that they were getting married!

Jerome & Rita had an intimate wedding with family and friends from all over the US. They rented a house in Old Fort, NC for a weekend of celebration! Even though the rain altered their plans, their wedding day was absolutely beautiful and perfect!

Congratulations, Jerome & Rita!


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