Chloe | 12 months

We officially have a one year old on our hands! This means that every day I log onto Facebook, Chloe pops up on my memories section. Most recently, it was a photo of her bundled up in her carseat ready to go home!

So much has changed since then. Chloe now has 8 teeth, can stand fairly confidently, cruises around the living room, waves, gives high fives, claps, dances, loves to point and say “dis” or “dat,” and read the same books five thousand times in a row.

Her current favorite books are Peek-A Who, Dear Zoo, Beauty and the Beast, Jesus Loves the Little ChildrenWhere are Maisy’s Friendsand my favorites are any of her BabyLit books! They are such cute primers! Costco has 8 of them for $21, and we also have a handful of other titles. I just love the illustrations and also it’s a great way to introduce your little one to the classics. But for real, if you spend any time with Chloe in her nursery, she will grab a book (likely one of the aforementioned books) and hand it to you with a smile on her face while saying, “Dis!”

Another one of her favorite past times is destroying things. She takes down Mega Block towers, pulls all of the books out of her bookcase each day, wipes out her stacking cup towers, pulls the ring toss rings off of their cone in record time, and dumps out all the wooden shapes out of her birdhouse sorter. Her nursery is in a state of constant disaster but a happy baby is a happy mommy!

Chloe was feeling a little under the weather (Teething? Growth spurt?) these past few days, so her blog is a little late! But in case you missed it, the previous blog post is Chloe’s adorable cake smash!

It’s so crazy to look back on her first few months’ photos and realize how little I knew about being a mother. Then I look at more recent photos, and I realize I still have no idea what I’m doing! But the amazing thing about motherhood is that your baby lets you know what they need! We’re still working every day to better understand Chloe and what she wants and needs, but I think we’re doing a pretty okay job 🙂


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