Lauren + Mitchell | Maternity Session

Lauren and I have known each other since my sophomore year of college. We quickly became friends when a mutual friend introduced us. We still tried to get together after graduation when I lived in FL and then NC. Shortly after we moved back to Virginia, Lauren and I got together for dinner to catch up and the conversation moved to kids. Lauren hinted that she and Mitchell were talking a little more about kids and we said it would be so fun to be pregnant at the same time. I knew that Jeremy and I wanted kids closeish in age (Chloe was a little over a year old at this point) and theoretically it could work, but realistically there was a chance it wouldn’t happen.

A few months later, we got together again and she told me that they were expecting in early April and she asked for me to take their pregnancy announcement photos. I couldn’t contain my excitement and told her before we planned on telling anyone (oops!) that we were only 2 weeks behind her! I’m so excited for us to walk through being boy moms together.

We got together this past weekend for their maternity photos and opted to go to the George Washington National Forest. There was still a scattering of snow on the ground, ice hung from the trees, and there was just the right amount of fog to make it dreamy. Well, at least until we made it up to the quarry. There was a beautiful break in the fog, the sky was turning blue, but then out of nowhere, the fog rolled in and you couldn’t see any of the quarry anymore. Thankfully we got some great shots before then!

One thing I know is that Henry Joshua is so loved!


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