Hi friends, I’m going to be honest with you – I don’t remember much about any of my college classes that were Gen Eds. Probably my biggest takeaway from any of them was from a class dealing with suffering and loss. We learned the importance of never comparing one person’s grief to another’s. From that, […]

Hi Friends! I’m so excited to finally share some photos of our time at the hospital with Ben. Life has definitely gotten a little more hectic with two children, so I’m sorry it’s taken a while to post our story. At around 28-30 weeks, I asked my Doctor about traveling. We hadn’t really set anything […]

Lauren and I have known each other since my sophomore year of college. We quickly became friends when a mutual friend introduced us. We still tried to get together after graduation when I lived in FL and then NC. Shortly after we moved back to Virginia, Lauren and I got together for dinner to catch […]

Hi friends! I know, it’s only been about a million years since I’ve blogged. But since my last post, we have moved and found out that we’ll be welcoming another little Donaldson to our house in April! So between unpacking and first trimester exhaustion, blogging has been on the back burner a little. And Harrisonburg […]

Happy Wednesday friends! Here’s a little mid week engagement session for you all! For those of you who have followed my photography business for a while, you know that I used to be branded as Dear Darcy Photography. The reference to Pride & Prejudice which was sadly lost on a lot of my target audience, […]

Laura and Stephen’s wedding was like a dream! From florals everywhere you looked to personal touches such as wearing her grandmother’s veil, not a detail was overlooked. And not only is Summerfield Farms a beautiful venue, but Stephen works there and proposed to Laura by the swing where they had their first look! Their wedding […]

Hi Friends! I’m so excited to share the Ferris family with you today! They have a sweet little girl named Vivienne who is just a couple months older than our Chloe. We actually connected over a local mom’s group on facebook! If you have ever had a conversation with me about moms groups, you know […]

We officially have a one year old on our hands! This means that every day I log onto Facebook, Chloe pops up on my memories section. Most recently, it was a photo of her bundled up in her carseat ready to go home! So much has changed since then. Chloe now has 8 teeth, can […]

Happy birthday to my spunky, independent, intelligent, stubborn, goofy, and lovable ONE YEAR OLD! Unfortunately, Chloe is feeling a little under the weather, so we opted to wait to take her sticker monthly photos until she’s feeling better. But we were able to get some cute cake smash photos before celebrating her birthday in VA! […]

I absolutely loved shooting Megan and Jonathan’s wedding! They got married in Megan’s parents’ backyard in Elkton, VA just miles from where my dad grew up. I’m not going to lie, having driven past where they said the property was, I was a little skeptical and couldn’t quite imagine a wedding happening right off of […]






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